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Assange’s safety from Extradition leads to Bitcoin Donation for Wikileaks

by Brian Armstrong
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Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has been accused of espionage charges and is imprisoned in London since April 2019. After a London judge denied bail to him and blocked his extradition to the United States to face trials, a substantial donation was sent to Wikileaks.

The firm received 8.48 Bitcoin totaling $280,000 in its donation wallet.

Bitcoin Donations For Wikileaks After London Judge Denies Extradition to the US

Whale Alert, which monitors large transactions, determined the BTC funds sent to Wikileaks Bitcoin donation wallet. The much controversial firm takes donations in various cryptocurrencies. As the trends indicate, Wikileaks attracts significant contributions after it strikes news stories. Recently Julian Assange’s extradition was denied by the London judge Vanessa Braitser on medical grounds.

Julian Assange has been facing several legal charges for a long. He was arrested in London by Ecuadorian Embassy in April 2018; at that time, when Wikileaks was all over the news, supporters donated 5.6 BTC to the firm, which was around $28,000 at that time.  While the United States is seeking Assange custody through extradition, he faces espionage charges and attempted to hack US government computers. Wikileaks founder is reportedly undergoing mental depression.

While London court denied bail to Julian Assange, stating that his acts were beyond journalism’s ethics, the court also ruled out extradition, taking into consideration the evidence tabled by medical experts. The judge said that it would be oppressive to extradite him in such a mental condition.

The judge also reasoned that Assange is at risk of committing suicide if an extradition order is made.

A crypto donor gave a whopping $8.48 Bitcoin in support of Wikileaks defense, as an Australian journalist is facing multiple charges, the biggest one being US Military documents leak in 2010. Since any government or state does not control Bitcoin, cryptocurrency donations are possible for the banned organization. Wikileaks Defense Fund is run to defend Assange and other independent journalists who act as a whistleblower to expose critical matters and scams. Courage Foundation assists the journalists with legal aid and runs the Wikileaks Defense Fund. Even though Bitcoin donations are uncensored, it is still unclear how the Wikileaks Bitcoin donations can be converted to Fiat currency.


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