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Axie Infinity Has Launched the Public Testnet of Its Ronin Sidechain

by Brian Armstrong
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Axie Infinity launched the Ronin Sidechain public testnet for scaling faster and exploring new avenues of growth.

The firm announced the launch of Ronin testnet intended specifically to scale Axie Infinity.

Axie Infinity launches Ronin Sidechain

Axie Infinity is a Pokeman inspired digital pet game universe that has garnered much popularity amongst gamers. It quickly became one of the most used Play-to-earn platforms on the Ethereum blockchain. Now, as the company looks to advance its scale, it has launched Ronin public testnet.

The digital pet universe game has grown substantially ever since its launch and now touts over 18,000 monthly active users

Ronin sidechain would provide more scope to Axie infinity and explore newer dimensions as the company grew tremendously on Ethereum. The co-founder said that “we think that we can grow even faster on a sidechain.”

Axie surmounted to the pinnacle of gaming as its community grew exponentially; however, this led to high network congestion that required further scaling. Thus, the team built Ronin, named after the Japanese Samurai who did not have any master. Ronin is symbolic of self-dependence and taking control into their own hands. Axie Games wants to render a similar connotation through its Ronin Sidechain. The company said that it’s Ronin will make playing Axie fast, seamless, and more fun.

Ronin sidechain is built on Ethereum blockchain for Axie Infinity, with each Axie ERC721 token signifying a digital character that can be part of various games. There are several games in the Axie Gaming universe, including Axie Battles, kingdom building games. Various units like land and building items are also represented by ERC721 tokens. Validators(designated by Axie Infinity developers) operate the Ronin Byzantine fault Tolerant proof of authority network.

Axie Infinity has launched a bug bounty program that provides AXS rewards to its community developers to participate in the testnet and ensure Ronin’s bug-free development. The program would be active until the mainnet launch. The company has reserved 15000 AXS for the Bug bounty program.

The company announced the initial validators for Ronin; the validators verify the transactions to ensure chain security.

Ubisoft, Binance, Non-Fungible, Sparq, and Animoca Brands are the first validators of the Ronin. After the successful testnet execution for a few months, the company would deploy Ronin Mainnet.


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