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Blur vs. OpenSea

by Logan King

The NFT marketplace Blur has been engaged in a battle with the once-market leader OpenSea. Data compiled by sealaunch.xyz shows that OpenSea has seen an uptick in unique users since mid-February, while the average sale size per user on Blur has decreased. This is likely due to Blur’s airdrop of its governance token BLUR, which has since accumulated more than $1 billion in trading volume. Blur has also updated its royalty policy, which states that creators can’t earn royalties on both Blur and OpenSea simultaneously. OpenSea responded by creating collections that seek enforced royalties, which Blur attempted to evade by developing a new marketplace on OpenSea’s Seaport protocol.

In February, Blur’s trading volume shot up to levels not seen since Terra’s implosion, surpassing OpenSea. However, Cryptoslam has since alleged that 80.5% of Blur’s sales volume since February 14 has been wash trading, while only 2.6% of OpenSea’s sales volume was wash trading during the same time period. This has led to Cryptoslam removing $577 million worth of Blur trades from its data. Despite the allegations of market manipulation, Blur is still making a comeback, albeit slowly.

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