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City in Poland utilizes Ethereum Blockchain for Emergency Services

by Carolina Lynch
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As the modern-day world swiftly transitions to digital ecosystems, new-age technologies like blockchain are emerging as a potential tool to enhance real-life services and processes.

A Polish city has now adopted the Smartkey technology built on Ethereum blockchain to catapult enhanced emergency services based on the Distributed ledger technology.

Olsztyn, Leverages  Blockchain for Emergency Services

Olsztyn now becomes the first-ever city in the world to tap the power of blockchain with SmartKey to empower its emergency services teams to provide faster and seamless rescue services by cutting down the response time.

As per the reports, Smartkey technology is being utilized by the Polish town of Olsztyn to aggrandize the s emergency services offered by the Fire, Place, and Ambulance department of the city. 

Smartkey is an Ethereum based technology used to connect the blockchain on physical assets, empowering the emergency rescue forces to provide faster and efficient rescue services without seeking permission.

 Built on blockchain technology, Smartkey gives access to the buildings and impacted areas by connecting the smart contract based on DLT technology to the smart devices Teltonika which the Polish fire, ambulance, and police forces use. Smartkey is continually collaborating with governments to offer such solutions. 

Ensuring Safety

As per marshal of the Warmińsko-Mazurskie Voivodeship, Gustaw Marek Brzezin said that the use of “blockchain and SmartKey technology seems to be like the perfect solution, giving reassurance to building owners and inhabitants, but also freedom for our emergency services.”

Smartkey is yet another practical use case of blockchain connecting the technology with the real world, which can be pivotal in bringing the Smart cities to life by connecting data through Public blockchain and facilitating secure yet fast infrastructure and services.

The rescue teams get secure and fast access to the closed district areas without need to locate keyholders  using the technology, thereby potentially saving lives,

While it is essential for the rescue teams to access buildings and closed areas with risky situations and emergencies, it is also important for the government to ensure that access is verified to avoid theft. In times of contingencies, seeking permission to access gates and vehicle barriers can take substantial time, thereby putting lives at risk. Olsystn is using Smartkey technology to strike a balance between permissionless access and security of sensitive buildings and residential areas. 


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