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Coinbase Brings to their users a Debit Card

by Brian Armstrong

Coinbase, the largest crypto trading platform in the United States of America, has introduced its Visa debit card.

The Visa powered debit card would be linked to the Coinbase account, and the payments would be made through the balance on Coinbase.

Users can transact in Cryptocurrencies across channels. The latest cards would be available for sale later in the year. This is a one of its kind cards, which would give the flexibility to use the crypto balance in various supported Cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Ripple XRP. Bitcoin, REP, LTC, Bach, and BAT.

The New way To spend: Coinbase Visa Card

Coinbase announced the card on its website, touting it as the new way to spend crypto and earn crypto awards. The card is powered by the payments giant Visa, which makes it widely accepted and usable. As per Coinbase, the debit card would enable the holders to use their assets in the Coinbase account and receive exciting rewards also on the purchase. Additionally, the card comes free without any annual charges or signup fees. The card’s purchase cost is meager 5 dollars, which includes a crypto liquidation fee of 2.49 percent. 

Backed By Visa and Powersafe

Along with the big name like Visa channeling the Coinbase card, Power safe Financial Services Limited, run by the British Financial Conducts Authority, would regulate the card. This would ensure that the Coinbase card is safe and secure for the users for transactions. 

The card brings broad applicability to crypto assets and makes crypto assets spendable at various outlets like regular money. There is a lot of demand for such cards in the present times, and many such cards have been announced by other exchanges as well. There is a long wait for such cards, which may take several years to fulfill.

Crypto Investing Becomes Easy with New Card

With such cards, the crypto investing and spending would become more stream, and people would be able to derive more value and resourcefulness for their crypto assets.

Coinbase Visa card is available in many countries globally, including Austria, Croatia, Netherlands, Poland, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Sweden. Spain and many other European countries. It is also available in the US except for the Hawaiian Islands.The card would work like any other debit card and can be used for contactless payments and is accepted anywhere a VISA card is applicable. The online, offline, and global transactions can be made with the card with ease, just like your savings account card, which you can also use to withdraw money from ATMs. The balance is linked with the Coinbase account.

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