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Coinbase Hesitant in Supporting XRP Airdrop Flare’s Spark

by Natalie Christie
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XRP holders across the significant cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets would get free Spark tokens as part of upcoming Flare Airdrop Event. However, Coinbase users would not be able to get the benefit.

Coinbase not yet confirmed support for the Spark Airdrop, thereby irking the XRP token holders on the exchange.

Coinbase Hesitant To Support Flare Spark Airdrop

As per the news, Coinbase has not signed up for the airdrop, and thus the Flare Networks would not be able to facilitate the tokens to the Coinbase users. Coinbase is seemingly hesitant to participate in the airdrop announced on November 13, 2020, for the Spark Airdrop Program to reward XRP holders giving free Spark tokens at a 1:1 ratio.

The XRP community has been baffled by the same as the XRP token holders on the Coinbase exchange  would not be able to take the free Spark Tokens from the airdrop event on December 12. Spark Flare airdrop is a token giveaway to help the developers and crypto providers to create awareness and hype around their projects.

 The participating exchanges allow their token holders to receive free giveaway tokens/ however, if an exchange does not support the giveaway, its users are bereaved of the opportunity to earn free tokens. Flare Network asked various crypto exchanges and wallets to support the airdrop event. However, Coinbase did not engage with Flare Networks informing that Coinbase users may not be able to get the free token..

Kracken also not on board

Kracken, another leading cryptocurrency exchange, has not yet announced participation in the Spark airdrop.  Binance, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges, has announced its preparedness for the program.

Flare Networks said that it is likely too late for Coinbase to participate in the Flare Spark Airdrop with only two weeks left to the event. Without the snapshot of XRP addresses made on the December 12 event, the tokens cannot be distributed. With Coinbase not announcing its support for Spark Airdrop, Flare said it would redistribute the left out tokens to the other users.

. As per the image tweeted by XRP_Crp on Twitter, 28 exchanges and ten wallets would participate in the airdrop event. Metamask, Safepal, D’cent being the leading one with Spark Token claim and support. the image also showcased Nexo, Celsius, and Youhodler as the participating Fintechs.


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