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Coinbase’s Crypto435 Initiative

by Lisa Zheng

Coinbase, America’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, has launched Crypto435, a grassroots initiative to expand pro-crypto advocacy to citizens across all 435 Congressional Districts. The initiative aims to provide the crypto community with tips related to local politicians and the crypto landscape, including contact information, records on crypto policy, and how to make sure their voices are heard. The initiative comes in response to increased Congressional and regulatory interest in crypto, particularly from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The SEC has been issuing fines and launching investigations into crypto firms, leading to confusion around how to classify cryptocurrencies and which agencies should oversee them. Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong has criticized the SEC for regulating “by enforcement” rather than providing clarity for crypto firms to follow the law. Coinbase believes that thoughtful policymaking and smart regulation are necessary in order to continue to advance crypto and web 3, and to make progress on the mission to increase economic freedom. Crypto435 is Coinbase’s attempt to ensure that the U.S. gets things right with how they treat the crypto industry.

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