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Collateral Swaps on Aave V2

by Lisa Zheng
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The Decentralized finance industry is fast evolving with its advanced methodologies and rapid innovations that boost its efficiency and flexibility. As space grows bigger, the various protocols and platforms also upgrade themselves to strengthen their foothold in the DeFi ecosystem.

Now AAVE protocol has introduced significant upgrades with V2, which brings transformational improvements like batching flash loans and collateral swaps.

AAVE V2 Brings Collateral Swaps and Flash Loans

The new version helps mitigate the risk of borrowing against volatile assets and give more liquidity to the AAVE DeFi market’ traders. https://twitter.com/AaveAave/status/1334518228236840961?s=20

AAVE Protocol started in 2017, has become a prominent choice for the DeFi crypto community; and the latest upgrade with Collateral Swap and flash loans makes it cheaper and more convenient to use. The newest version helps the lenders and buyers swap collaterals easily within the protocol interface. The borrower can easily change their collaterals in a gas efficient way and can switch them quickly.

In case the collateral bet turns bad, you can easily use Collateral Swap and avoid any liquidators.

As noted in the blog, “If the price of your collateral starts to fall, for example, you can simply trade it for a stablecoin, so you don’t have to worry about price fluctuations and potential liquidation.”

 The users can trade in their collateralized assets on the various asset types supported by AAVE protocols and then use them to get the best yield in the crypto markets. With the Collateral Swap, they can trade their assets in exchange for stablecoin if there is any liquidation risk. The new version makes the process of closing loan positions easier; users can use the collaterals to pay directly in a single transaction instead of costly and time-consuming processes.

V2 Also brings the Native Credit Delegation feature that enables a depositor to delegate the funds to a new borrower.

AAVE CEO Stani Kulechov detailed that the new version of the protocol is highly beneficial for the users as they can now trade collateral weekly or daily. Version 2 is improved with enhancement to the flash loans, overall governance system, and optimized gas costs.

As the protocol reaches newer markets, it would augment its reserve and continue to thrive in the DeFi space. The V2 would be run under the centralized control for one month, and later the AAVE token holders would take over the governance.


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