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Conan O’Brien still finds Bitcoin very difficult to explain

by Hans Lipper
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Conan O’Brien is an enormously famous late-night talk show who expressed an exciting episode about his 15-year-old son trying to explain Bitcoin. He describes the incident in a series of tweets on the microblogging site Twitter, drawing a lot of attention from the Twitterati.

He compared his son’s expressions with the climax scene of Titanic, exclaiming it as sadder than the end of the movie.

Conan O’Brien and Bitcoin

O’Brien is apparently trying to understand Bitcoin. When he asked his son to explain Bitcoin, his son gave sad expressions, which O’Brien wittingly compared with the cult movie Titanic’s final scene.

Several people replied to O’Brien’s tweet, making the conversation more hilarious and indeed enjoyable. While Mike Belshe, the CEO of BitGo, said that he could bring some bitcoin on O’Brien’s show and show him.

Conan O’Brien presented a yet humorous and interesting episode on Bitcoin back in 2014 when he hosted an imaginary Bitcoin founder on his show who tried to explain Bitcoin to the audience. the imaginary COO was named Marcus Orman. The latter seemingly confused the audiences with his explanation of Bitcoin. The episode was instead an embarrassment and hilarious rather than any educational take to Bitcoin.

Gone are the days when Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies were restrained to discussions and conversations by cryptocurrency experts and the finance community only. Today mainstream populace, leading institutions, and even millennials are talking about Bitcoin. The curiosity around technology and digital assets has grown immensely.

As Bitcoin rallies substantially in recent times with certain ups and downs on the charts, the celebrities and many influential names from several industries have talked about Bitcoin ardently.

Twitter becomes one of the most substantial media of conversations and announcements regarding Bitcoin. A lot of celebrities took to their Twitter profiles to talk about Bitcoin.

Most recently, Jack Dorsey of Square and Twitter openly supported Bitcoin with his company investing heavily in Bitcoin. Aston Kutcher has invested in the sports betting platform  while rapper Akon just launched his own crypto token AKoin. This shows that there is an increasing inclination toward Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies amongst the mainstream celebrities. While Bitcoin technology may still be a bit complex for everyday users, the hype and curiosity around Bitcoin and crypto token increase. 


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