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Consensys Quorum Joins Hands With BSN Blockchain

by Lisa Zheng
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ConsenSys had announced that it has partnered with BSN to bring its enterprise ledger Solution Quorum to the blockchain network in China. Blockchain-based Service Network (BSN) is one of China’s leading blockchain project sanctioned by the government.

Quorum will be the newest blockchain to be compatible with BSN.

ConsenSys Brings Quorum On BSN Network

As per the announcement, ConsenSys would roll out Quorum on the BSN network allowing the various ConsenSys Codefi applications to be accessible to the developers on the BSN Marketplace. The developers would be able to efficiently develop Ethereum based enterprise solutions through the integration. BSN is China sanctioned project that facilitates decentralized applications development on the private and public blockchains like Ethereum, Polkadot and Hyperledger supported on the network.  The State Information Center of China backs the BSN initiative, and the Red Date Technology firm administers the overall functions and development of the BSN platform.  BSN blockchain-cloud environment helps in cost effect dApp development and maintenance through its shared resource cloud environment. ConsenSys Quorum will be packaged with other mainstream permissioned and public blockchain networks to sell to enterprises and governments, offering a much larger and deeper market in China.”

Consensys acquired Quorum from JPMorgan and rebranded the distributed ledger solution to ConsenSys Quorum in 2020.

ConsenSys noted that the partnership would bring blockchain solutions to government organizations and corporate enterprises. The partnership will allow the Quorum protocol layer to be used by various businesses to develop Ethereum based applications. Quorum would be available in 80 cities in China through BSN’s city nodes.  ConsenSys said

“After the launch, BSN will include Quorum in BSN’s training programs in 2021 to substantially accelerate the enterprise adoption of blockchain technology and Ethereum-based solutions in China.

The CEO of Red Date Technology and the ED of BSN Development Association, Yihan He said that BSN would include Quorum in its training programs to increase the adoption of Ethereum based solutions in China. BSN was launched in April 2020, and since then, it has snowballed to become one of the largest enterprise blockchain networks in the world, with more than 2,000 blockchain applications deployed across China.


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