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Crypto Personality of the Week – John McAfee

by Natalie Christie

John McAfee was born in 1945 on a US Army base in Britain before he was raised in Virginia.

After trying his luck as a programmer and a software designer for many companies including NASA, John guided his efforts and energy to build software that would ward off and fight viruses.

With this vision in mind, he founded the then-popular organization McAfee Associates that focused on being a computer antivirus company. After a few years of successful operations. Intel bought McAfee and changed the name that would go with Intel branding, something that John was not happy about. In August 2009, the New York Times reported that John McAfee’s personal fortune had fallen from $100 million to $4 million.

His Bitcoin prediction

Back in 2017, summer Bitcoin core and other cryptos saw the heating up of their fiat values before the prices skyrocketed in the fall. In the month of July back then, John McAfee told his Twitter followers that the price per BTC would be touching a giant high of $500,000 in three years’ time. The software mogul and an absolute enigma that he is considered to be, John Mc Afee then revised his claim and doubled the price prediction to $1 million per BTC all of it which would be archived in a three-year period. His own wager on Bitcoin was so passionately claimed that he said if his prediction did not hit the bull’s eye, he would eat his own dick on television. But at the end of November when the market prices actually went parabolic, he revised his bet and upped the stake. He said:

“When I predicted Bitcoin at $500,000 by the end of 2020, it used a model that predicted $5,000 at the end of 2017,” McAfee explained on Nov. 29, 2017. “BTC has accelerated much faster than my model assumptions — I now predict Bitcoin at $1 million by the end of 2020. I will still eat my dick if wrong.”

Even the toughest nuts in the cryptocurrency industry and an entire lot of the community started discussing his claims. Even the most passionate followers of Bitcoin found it hard to believe that the price would touch $1 million per BTC, especially within a three-year period. In January 2020, he took to Twitter again and stated that his previous antics of Bitcoin price predictions were only a ‘ruse to onboard new users’. He also claimed that Bitcoin had limited potential and was entirely based on ‘ancient technology’. Upon being asked for the present recommendation, he put his bet on Monero.

His support to build Cuba’s first cryptocurrency

Last year in the month of June, McAfee declared his novel intentions soon after the Cuban government revealed its plans to develop a cryptocurrency to avoid economic sanctions imposed by the US. He was stated as saying that the new Cuban cryptocurrency project is simple and viable and has even offered his guidance pro bono. 

“It would be trivial to get around the U.S. government’s embargo through the use of a clever system of currency. So I made a formal offer to help them for free on a private channel… through Twitter,” he said.

He supported the cause because the tech guru believed that Cuba’s successful development of a cryptocurrency will basically help it adapt to its reality. His own support for the cause to develop the Cuban government and build the cryptocurrency was his inherent programmer’s ideals and his perception change owing to the time spent in Havana. 

His achievements

Mcafee was honored with the 2013 SC Award for Best Database Security Solution.

For the successive seven-year, the company was positioned in the Gartner Magic Quadrant in 2016. His rise to fame in the cryptocurrency industry has not only been his support and claim for Bitcoin. Over the years he has also promoted a number of crypto projects. He was involved in deeply developing and promoting the Ghost ecosystem that included a privacy coin but had to leave earlier this year. He was one of those personalities who stood up for the right and against power circles who exploited their clout. His intense dislike for paying taxes was no exception in this case. This was one of his main reasons for seeking the Loiberatiarian party’s Presidential nomination in 2016. He stated that if elected one of his main policies would be the widespread introduction and application of cryptocurrencies, in which his interest lay. 


Looking back, his journey has been incredible and has been nothing short of a roller-coaster ride. Whether or not all of his popularity was in good vain, he has been the most enigmatic personality, especially for the crypto community.


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