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Crypto Personality Of the Week – Vitalik Buterin

by Natalie Christie
Vitalik Buterin

Vitalik Buterin, the creator of Ethereum is a Russian-Canadian programmer and writer born in Moscow in 1994.

He gained his first-level popularity when he founded the Bitcoin Magazine in 2012 and three years later Ethereum. 

Buterin was introduced to Bitcoin in 2011 and his first contribution towards it was effectively the Bitcoin Magazine which he co-founded with Mihai Alisie. That very same year he also accepted a Thiel Fellowship and focused all his energies towards developing Ethereum. 

In 2015 Vitalik Buterin, Joseph Lubin, and Gavin Woof co-created the Ethereum blockchain posited as an alternative platform on which the users can create decentralized applications. 

Philanthropist and an achiever

Buterin is a philanthropist. In 2017 he donated $763,970 worth of Ether to the Machine Intelligence Research Institute which researches AI-based technologies and touted to have an earth-shattering impact on humanity. The very next year he donated another $2.4 million worth of Ether to the SENSE Research Foundation which develops solutions for health issues related to aging. Later the same year he donated $1 million to charity for refugees from Uganda. 

Vitalik has bagged several awards and recognition due to his business insight but amongst all, the most prestigious is the honorary doctorate from the University of Basel’s Faculty of Business and Economics in November 2018. The honor came after he won the World Technology award (IT Software) in 2014. Other awards include:

  • Thiel Fellowship Award, 2014
  • Fortune 40 under 40 list
  • Forbes 30 under 30 list

Bitcoin Magazine

The magazine is famous for dealing exclusively with Bitcoin. The magazine was considered a prized wealth of information at that time considering it was the most original source of information on Bitcoin. Vitalik contributed tirelessly to the magazine as a part-time writer until the magazine made its first print publication in 2012. Mihai and Vitalik teamed up with Coin Publishing Ltd to publish 22 issues before BTC media expressed its desire to purchase Bitcoin magazine.

The Ethereum Project

Vitalik had proposed a coding language for application development in Bitcoin when he came up with his Ethereum Whitepaper in 2013. But unfortunately, his proposal got turned down. He then went on to develop a new rival platform with a general coding language, emerged from Bitcoin but with enhanced crypto banking capabilities. Hence Vitalik got busier with his Ethereum project with David Gavin, posing as a decentralized crypto platform on 30th July 2015. 

The Ethereum project is considered a milestone project and Vitalk believes it has been a turning point as it gave him the golden opportunity to interact with fellow economists, mathematicians, and cryptographers. With the help of these stakeholders in software coding, he was able to provide open access to digital currencies irrespective of the location. It was a community-based platform using ETH as a digital money unit. Ethereum has become one of the most sought-after programmable blockchains of the world. 

In September 2017, Vitalik joined the CEO of Yota Devices, Vladislav Martynov from his own country Russia to build and create Ethereum Russia accentuating the performance of blockchain technology implementation. The move came after Russian President Vladimir Putin backed and endorsed Ethereum earlier that year. Putin and Vitalik met at the International Economic Forum of St. Petersburg (SPIEF) on 2nd June 2017. 

Vitalik Buterin death rumors

The first blow was landed on 25th June 2017 when the 4chan website posted fake news of Vitalik’s death in a car crash. 4Chan boasts of humongous user traffic which is why the news spread faster than fire. At the beginning of 2017, ETH prices rose 50 times but when this upsetting news came to the surface, investors frantically withdrew their ETH. The popular crypto suffered from a huge decline of $4 billion of its total market value. But Vitalik later had to scribble out a sample data for the latest block and took a selfie with the piece of paper in his hands. He posted a tweet with the image to rest the fears of his death later. 

Ethereum 2.0 launch

This December the crypto community may witness the first introductory phase of the highly anticipated Ethereum 2.0 consensus change. For quite some time now, the ETH 2.0 transition was postponed and from the likes of all the occurring, it seems that the first phase is all set to begin on or around December 1, 2020. The first stage is known as Phase 0 as the developers like to call it will be a major game-changer by reducing energy consumption. The blockchain will introduce shard chains and will introduce PoS to the chain. ETH owners will be able to stake their coins and run validator nodes As long as the owner owns a minimum of 32 ETH anyone will be able to stake within the Ethereum network. Vitalik sent 3,200 ETH to the genesis phase deposit contract in order to begin taking after the shift. 

Vitalik is super optimistic about the future of the platform after the Ethereum 2.0 launch. He acknowledges the criticisms but he also believes that only a new Ethereum can kill Ethereum. He and his team are preparing for newer roll outs which will attack the issues rampant in Ethereum today.


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