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Deep Dive into Unstoppable Domains

by Lisa Zheng

Blockchain technology has created ripples in every industry it has been used. The cryptocurrency sector is no exception. With newer organizations coming to the fore to explore, how all of it can be made better, the cryptocurrency sector is the ultimate beneficiary of it all. 

About Unstoppable Domains

Unstoppable Domains, a San-Francisco based organization has carved a niche for itself. It is into the business of building domains on blockchains, and it excels in its concept because these domains replace cryptocurrency addresses with human-readable names. The entire offering is powered by the Ethereum and Zilliqa blockchains. The CNS smart contracts and ZNS will provide users with a holistic control and hold of their domain names that ensure permanent ownership, censorship resistance, and decentralized access. 

How does it function

Unstoppable Domains makes use of a self custody paradigm for domain ownership as well as to remove any trace of centralized control which is usually synonymous with traditional domains. The newly created domain is thoroughly controlled by the user and every action on the domain is triggered by the user. Unstoppable Domains will have no say or control over transferring and configuring records. 

Unstoppable Domains powered by CNS are built on the Ethereum blockchain. It is essentially a set of smart contracts governing domains. CNS domain will represent an ERC-721 token. As this is a widely supported standard, the developers can easily integrate it and users will be able to get the benefit of managing domain ownership from any wallet, marketplace, or exchange that supports the ERC-721 token.

Unstoppable blockchain browser

The company also announced this February the Unstoppable Blockchain browser that will allow for convenient access to the decentralized web. By typing in a.crypto domain the users can view a decentralized website just as they would view a regular .com website. Users also will be given an opportunity to participate in making the website more decentralized. Just by a single click, visitors can store and share websites to a p2p network which is admirably decentralized in the sense that no single entity or company can lay control. 

How is it different?

By providing blockchain domains, Unstoppable Domains provide several benefits and are quite different from their regular domains:

No Custodian

Since the domains are stored by the owner themselves, a third-party cannot claim, move, or even take control of the same.

Censorship resistant websites

Unlike the regular domains, no company, groups or government can take a website unless they own it. 


These domains can be used as a payment gateway for cryptocurrency payments. Not only are they affordable but they are rapid and have the benefit of being sent to any corner in the world.

No Renewals required

With this feature, all you have to do is pay once and you own it forever.

Unstoppable Domains and Chainlink partnership

Unstoppable Domains and oracle network Chainlink have launched a new feature which will allow individuals or entities with blockchain domains to validate themselves with their Twitter accounts. The feature is powered by Chainlink Oracles which will connect each address from Unstoppable domains to a public Twitter username. Twitter authentication can be a major step in rooting out crimes like phishing attacks in cryptocurrency payments. 

“It’s time to remove fraudulent practices from blockchain payments. Adding your Twitter handle to your blockchain address provides a missing layer of transparency to make crypto safer.”


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