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Ethereum 2.0 Ready for launch

by Brian Armstrong
Ethereum 2

Ethereum 2.0 is all set with its development on track as announced by the team a few weeks ago.

With Quantstamp completing the audit of the Teko Ethereum 2.0 Client, the chances of Ethereum launch being soon is highly probable. 

However, as the launch date is nearing, the team is taking all measures to avoid delays pertaining to several testnet failures in the past. 

Teku Client Audit Completed by Quantstamp

The auditing authority is all praise for the capabilities of the software.  Teku by ConsenSys is an open-source client that provides beacon node implementation and validator client. The software offers external key management. 

ConsenSys Teku, which is an Ethereum 2.0 client, gained high praise from the auditing firm Quantstamp. The blockchain firm boasts of the passed audit, which would foster the crypto users’ Ethereum 2.0 usage once it is launched in November. The Quantstamp team spent several hours rigorously auditing and validating the software to ensure that it works properly. The security checks and ease of transactions was the focus of the validating team. The security firm said that the Teku team collaborated with the auditors and shared all the issues. Quantstamp acknowledged the Teku Codebase to be of high quality.

Ethereum 2.0 To Be Launched Soon

Ethereum 2.0 is on track with the development, and the CEO of Quantstamp Richard Ma said that the release would be very soon. The audit was done by Quantstamp in which they examined the software for its capabilities to provide Ethereum mining services and understand the potential limitations. The audit concluded positively as the Teku software was able to make through the various parameters like code consistencies, rewards, and rules. 

Several failed attempts to run the Ethereum test net before the mainnet for 2.) is launched. The last test net is running successfully for the last two months, making the prospects better for the launch soon. The test net has been running fine; however, the system has also reported some loopholes including low participation which may be a potential roadblock in the launch.

Ethereum 2-0 Phase comes in November; however, Quantstamp said that the full transition would happen in a few years only. The Ethereum beacon chain and deposit contract would also be launched next month, which would enable users to bet their tokens on the ETH network.

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