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Ethereum highly searched on Google

by Carolina Lynch
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Decentralized finance space has grown exponentially as the cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies continue to deep dive into the mainstream financial space.

Ethereum searches have skyrocketed on Google in past one month, as indicated by the Google Search Trends.

Ever since its inception, Ethereum, a decentralized blockchain featuring the smart contract functionality, has quickly become the second most robust cryptocurrency platform globally after Bitcoin. 

Ethereum Google Searches Reach Highest Level

With Ethereum 2.0 Release around the corner, the public interest in Ethereum has grown multifold, as indicated by the Google search trends. As per the latest reports, Google searches around Ethereum have reached an all-time high since Feb 2018.

As analysed by The Block, the Google search volume for Ethereum has gone from  0 to 100, it was at its highest in 2017, and it has again reached 100 in the current period. Ethereum 2.0 launch was confirmed last week after the platform reached its required threshold deposits hours before the deadline. Once the Ethereum 2.0 Beacon chain release was sealed for its slated December release, the crypto news circles were set ablaze, with the Ethereum release appearing everywhere. 

Eth 2.0 Release

The impressive performance of the platform has created much hype giving it the right to boost increasing curiosity in the crypto community. People want to stay UpToDate with the latest happenings around Ethereum. Many elements contribute to Ethereum’s newfound popularity, including the adoption of cryptocurrencies by mainstream institutions. With PayPal announcing support for Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies on its platform

Google Trends indicates that the interest in Ethereum has grown substantially in the last few months. After reaching the high of 75 in July this year, the interest over time dropped to 25 around October; however, in November, it again started gaining momentum and has touched the high of 100.

Considering a more itemized worldwide report for the past 12 Months based on Interest by Region, Nigeria has showcased as the region with the highest interest level while North Macedonia and Singapore following the suite.

The search containing the term Ethereum touched an all-time high around November 19 and has been surging since then, Thanks to the slated 2.0 release. Until Eth 2,0 launches on December 1, 2020, Ethereum is expected to be a hot topic on the internet and social media platforms like Twitter, etc., which indicates that the search trends would continue to scale higher.


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