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Ethereum Top DAPPS touch a Million Daily Users

by Brian Armstrong

The top ten Ethereum Dapps reached a massive number of one million daily active users in the last month, with Defi and the exchange dapps contributing the most of it. 

Ethereum platforms have gained a lot of popularity since its inception, and DeFi has given it the much-required boost to sustain in the competitive mobile app market. The daily number of active users for the dapps is ascertained around 1,017,760, of which 94 percent is accounted for the DeFi and Exchange. 

Gaming and Collectibles Debuts as the Top Ten Ethereum Dapps

The blockchain industry has grown substantially in 2020, creating many positive avenues for Ethereum that was further augmented by the Decentralized Finance platforms. The massive number of daily active users showcases that the space is going to grow bigger in the future. Apart from the DeFi and Exchange, several interesting categories debuted in the top ten ethereum Dapps list. DAPPs in tThe gaming and collectibles fieldapps have made it to the list contributing to athe massive number of daily active Ethereum users.

Rarible and Blockchain gaming Axie Infinity entered the top ten ethereum dapps list most recently. The new entrants have some exciting features that can accelerate the growth of DeFi, engaging new users and boosting the daily active users number substantially. At the same time, Rarible is an open-source marketplace for the Ethereum network where the traders can create collectibles with the help of NFTs.

It also allows the users to gain digital collectibles that are secured with blockchain technology. The Moscow-based platform focuses specifically on the art assets, which allows the users to trade in the collectibles. The potential buyers preview the collectible on the platform and open the entire content after purchasing the NFT. The platform is gaining a lot of popularity as it empowers creators and artists to sell their artwork as NFT. 

As an attempt to increase its engagement, Rarible is launching the bidding for NFTs,

 Another entrant to the lost Axie Infinity game which is is developed by Axie Marketplace, which allows the game players gamers to buy, auction, sell and play get offers on variousthe games. The AXS token was launched this month, which is appealing to a lot of gamers. The trading volumes and number of daily active users would grow more as the two newly added categories in the Ethereum Dapps attract new users.

Axie Infinity is an innovative Pokemon inspired game that has become one of the most successful NFT game with more than 7000 monthly users. The game is based on blockchain technology, in which you can earn substantially with its Pay to Win to Earn model. Axie Infinity launched its native ERC-20 token AXS on the Binance exchange platform last month

Axie infinity was rated as the number one ethereum dapp by NonFungible.com based on the number of Dapp Active addresses and active sellers and buyers. 

DeFi and Exchange  Dapps Contribute To 94 Percent of Daily Users Number

Crypto.com contributed to more than half of the active daily users of the ethereum platforms, followed by Decentralized exchange platform Uniswap, which contributed 276000 users. The Compound platform, which lends the crypto contributed 141000 daily active users across the platform. Defi platforms are attracting the incumbent retail users as the ethereum dapps can provide a lot of usability and benefits to the token holders.


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