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Ever Thought of Making Money By Sharing Internet Bandwidth?

by Natalie Christie
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The internet, a broad topic in technology that has revolutionized the world as we know it, improving lives through the means of communication and much more.

After decades of existence, this system of information dissemination is considered a necessity in our day-to-day activities, considered an essential. Hence, there’s the need for every household to have internet access and that is the objective of Ammbr.


In 2020, it is estimated that 30% of households in the rural area of West Virginia, USA lack broadband internet access, 3.7 million don’t have regular internet access across the country while 20-25 million lack internet. In Africa, only 39% of the entire continent is estimated to have stable internet access. This staggering figure points to a great global challenge to education and productivity, with an emphasis on the rural areas, illustrating a massive digital divide between urban and rural communities. 


The creation of Ammbr was based on the use of blockchain technology in fostering an internet ecosystem that provides internet access to everyone. Blockchain technology was used to conceptualize the idea due to its decentralized nature. Decentralization ensures that no third party has authority over the system and lets users of Ammbr share internet access based on the local market demand. This will help speed up the spread of internet connectivity as individuals don’t have to rely on big telecom brands but can dynamically create greater access amongst themselves. This is true capitalism at work, rather than the disparity of opportunity that has led to telecommunications oligopolies and unfair Internet distribution.  


Ammbr’s mission is to close the great digital divide through decentralised opportunities for small sellers of Internet bandwidth and individual buyers. The process transacts bandwidth using a cryptocurrency token called AMR. By having a decentralized system, the users become separate entities that have the power to set pricing, a beneficial concept that creates an autonomous market. Ammbr’s technological innovation provides multiple paths across bandwidths and internet protocol suites due to the provision of sophisticated routing protocols, alleviating the amount of hops, packet congestion and collisions while ensuring scalability, flexibility and increasing market demand. 

Ammbr provides an incentivised community among network providers, inclusive and beneficial for every large, medium or small scale network provider. The use of blockchain technology and a non-monopolized system ensures that the expansion of the network accelerates to a large scale as opposed to many wireless mesh networks. The rapid expansion will undoubtedly generate and distribute revenues among those sharing internet bandwidth and improve any specific region where Ammbr’s network is located, thereby creating a productive and profitable ecosystem.


The economic importance of the availability of internet can not be overemphasized and reports have shown the detrimental effect of the absence of internet access in a particular location. Ammbr is trying to neutralize these negative effects through the introduction of a seamless technological process with emphasis on rural communities where the absence of the internet is significant. The presence of internet access will help boost productivity between and across regions, enabling entrepreneurs to have access to financial aid, not to mention education, which is a key ingredient to economic development, rapid technological innovation and much more. Ammbr is not just providing internet access but improving lives, empowering everyone willing to change the norm that has existed for many years.


The growth of any brand is directly proportional to the value of the products or services that they offer, and Ammbr has set a standard in the blockchain industry with a proprietary cryptocurrency known as AMR. The AMR token will be used as a payment option for routers and to set up infrastructures, setting the pace in the growing demand of the internet and leading to the emergence of a strong brand.


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