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Free Bitcoin for eBay shoppers thanks to Lolli

by Brian Armstrong
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As the festive season begins, online shoppers across the world spur on a shopping spree to avail of attractive discounts and cashback on the leading e-commerce websites.

Bitcoin rewards and cashback is now possible on the most used e-commerce website of the world, all thanks to Lolli.

Bitcoin Rewards on eBay

eBay is indeed one of the most widely used shopping sites globally that offer exciting products to shoppers. Now Lolli has extended its integration with eBay, which lets buyers gain Bitcoin rewards as they shop this festive season. Lolli would now offer a one percent Bitcoin cashback reward to the customers who shop online on eBay during the holiday season.

Lolli is a popular browser extension that helps users gain Bitcoin rewards for their online shopping on the stores listed as partners on the platform. eBay is now added as a partner to Lolli, which means BTC tokens can be earned for shopping. Matt Senter, The CTO, and Co-Founder of Lolli, informed the users about the same showcasing as a moment of pride. He said that during the high shopping period of Cyber Monday and Black Friday, Lolli is proud to bring eBay to its customers. He further added that the team has been working tirelessly to make this integration possible in time for people to earn bitcoin on all their holiday shopping.”

Lolli to grow this festive season

Bitcoin has fast grown as a potential model of payment across the globe with its ease to use. Lolli said that they are proud to partner with eBay, which is the world’s largest auction based marketplace, to create wider avenues and better adoption of Bitcoin. With more than 127 million users, eBay emerges as a potential platform for Bitcoin to reach out to a massive number of consumers, which in turn fosters the accessibility and adoption of Bitcoin.

Lolli provides the best bitcoin back rates in the shopping season, and the team expects to see immense growth in this period as most of the users try to leverage the platform to gain BTC for their online purchases. The platform integrates several leading online platforms like Staples, Expedia, GoDaddy, Udemy, etc.

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