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Global Population Surpasses 8 Billion… How many are Involved in Cryptocurrency?

by Brian Armstrong
Global Population Surpasses 8 Billion… How many are Involved in Cryptocurrency?

The world’s population has hit an important new benchmark: eight billion people. In the meantime, the use of cryptocurrencies is expanding.

Worldometer, which uses data from a United Nations report from 2022, says that the world’s population crossed the 8-billion mark on November 15th, more than doubling from its pre-Sputnik low of 4 billion in 1974.

Worldometer says that the growth rate of the world’s population is about 0.84 percent per year, but that rate is expected to keep going down. The world’s population may not reach 9 billion by 2040 at the earliest, and it won’t surpass 10 billion by 2080 at the latest.

Together, China and India account for over 36% of the world’s population, making them the two most populated countries.

There are conflicting estimates as to what percentage of the world’s population owns digital assets like cryptocurrencies, but as of yet, there is no consensus.

According to GWI’s research, up to 10.2% of all internet users aged 16–64 worldwide possess cryptocurrency, with the highest concentration of holders living in countries with high inflation or fluctuating national fiat.

TripleA, a blockchain company based in Singapore, predicted that by 2022, over 320 million people would be using some form of cryptocurrency. With 46 million crypto holders, the United States topped the list, followed by India, Pakistan, and Nigeria.

Blockware Intelligence, a Bitcoin analytics company, said earlier this year that 10% of the world’s population would be using Bitcoin by 2030. It ranked 146 countries based on five different factors. As far as global adoption rates go, it was discovered that Vietnam had the highest rate, followed by the Philippines, India, Ukraine, and the United States. The report did not provide any indication of property ownership.

It is still difficult to accurately gauge the size of the crypto market in China. People in the country with the most people are thought to be interested in cryptocurrencies and know a lot about them.

But the current leadership has different priorities. There are currently no reliable statistics available on who actually owns crypto.

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