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Grayscale to slash shares in Grayscale Ethereum Trust

by Natalie Christie
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Ethereum prices have substantially propelled after the successful 2.0 launch, which led to Grayscale slashing its Grayscale Ethereum Trust shares to make it affordable for the individual to buy the shares. 

Grayscale Ethereum Trust shares are split as 9-for-1, bringing the individual share price to 0.0103 ETH.

Grayscale Splits Ethereum Shares

The Grayscale Investments announced the splitting of its trust into nine parts, which would decrease the individual shares’ price, thereby giving the masses access to the funds without harming the total value. As per the announcement, the company would split the shares of the Grayscale Ethereum Trust, which holds $1.6 billion assets, into nine parts.

Thus, the shareholders would receive eight additional shares for every one share. The split is a move to reduce the share price of individual units and make it accessible for a larger number of investors. 

The liquidity and affordability of the shares would be highly augmented by the split. The ETHE is a forum that allows the investors to procure the native Ethereum token ETH. The Ethereum trust currently holds 29.5 Million outstanding shares, every share evaluated at .009284 Ethereum tokens.

 With the share split by 9-for-1, each share would now be valued at 0.0103 Ethereum token, making it more affordable for individual investors and thereby increasing liquidity. Most of the time, the companies do so to bring a transformation on its funds by increasing the number of shares available for procurement. 

First Publicly Quitted Ethereum Investment Service

Grayscale Investments, owned by Digital Currency Group, is a leading and trusted authority for digital currency investment that provides its customers access to the digital currency asset class. The Grayscale Ethereum Trust provides a decentralized smart contract platform for the users to get Ethereum exposure without being susceptible to the challenges of storing and securing Eth tokens directly. 

The trust became the first publicly quoted Ethereum Investment product in the United States after the registration filed with SEC became active in November 2020. As per the reports, the Grayscale Ethereum Trust raised $300 million fresh investments in the Month of November. The current move of splitting shares would increase the numbers as more investors come in. 

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