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Kraken donates $150,000 to Ethereum devs on Gitcoin

by Hans Lipper
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Kraken Exchange announced supporting open-source Ethereum projects developed on the Gitcoin platform by pledging $150,000 in donations.

The Kraken exchange is backing the Gitcoin Ethereum Project to support the Ethereum developer community and promote open source development on the DeFi platforms.

Kraken Pledges $150.00 to Gitcoin Ethereum Fund.

Kraken released a blog post in which it announced a collaboration with the Ethereum based community fundraising platform Gitcoin to appreciate the developer building the essential software on the Ethereum protocol.

The exchange said that it would match up to $150,000 in the donations on Gitcoin. The Ethereum InfrastructureTech category of the Gitcoin Grants would raise the donations in its eight rounds. The eight rounds of Gitcoin Grants would consider the developers and development teams that fulfill their funding goals through Gitcoin would get the matching amount from the Kraken exchange.

Gitcoin is a platform that helps the developers and the promoters(donors) to come together and avail various opportunities to develop and contribute to open-source projects.

Gitcoin CEO Kevin Owocki noted that Ethereum and DeFi are developed on the open-source software, and Kraken, with its generous donation, has rewarded the volunteer developers who are contributing to the development of the advanced infrastructure for the cryptocurrency users.

Quadratic Mechanism

Gitcoin grants are aimed to allow developers to fund their open-source projects with the Quadratic funding matching the contributions which the fund sponsored various donors in the Ethereum markets. The platform works with the help of the sponsors called matching partners and the Ethereum foundation. Gitcoin uses the Quadratic Funding mechanism that helps the developers to turn their small donations into larger funds. The users must aspire to get the contributions from the larger number of audience. The contributions of the users are met by matching funding.

Kraken said that it is their responsibility to help and strengthen the volunteer developers who are contributing to building open-source projects. The exchange wants to give back to the “great projects which are moving the industry forward.”

Kraken has supported various open-source projects in the cryptocurrency industry. Brink grants with $150,000 donations this year were part of the initiative. Kraken funded Bitcoin open-source developer community Brink, which is aimed to drive the global currency and make it successful.


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