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LABS – the First Ecosystem Supporting the Real Estate Market

by Brian Armstrong
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The pandemic and economic uncertainty have paved the way for a more online-centric audience that is looking at newer and fresher ways to invest their funds. This year has seen the emergence of refreshing concepts that have changed our perspective about finance. Labs Group is one of those disruptors that is looking to provide real-estate opportunities in a much compliant manner through asset digitalization and crowdfunding. 

Investors are provided innumerable borderless investment opportunities worldwide with a great potential for liquidity through exposure in the secondary markets. The Labs group is the first end-to-end real estate tokenization ecosystem supporting investors, developers, and the secondary market to a large extent. It aims to resolve several concurrent pain points like:

  • High entry and exit costs in the real-estate industry
  • Access to global assets is difficult plus even if the investor decided to buy it, the procedure of every country varies and it gets complex. 
  • Many countries also levy capital gains and foreign buyers’ tax which can further skyrocket the real-estate prices.

Tokenization of real estate assets

Labs Group tokenizes real estate assets on the blockchain endowing the ability for secondary trading on digital exchanges. The benefit to the investor is access to a cross-border open market with round-the-clock trading of real-estate security tokens. 

Fractionalization or fractional ownership will allow investments to become accessible, reduce barriers to entry, and allows investors a speedy transfer of assets through blockchain. Thanks to the blockchain solutions, investors are in for a much secure and transparent way of controlling via the power of smart contracts. 

Crowdfunding solutions

LABS helps to fractionalize real estate to make it more accessible to the general market. This allows access for everyone to invest in real estate without over-leveraging their own cash holdings. This allows for small investments across a broad portfolio of real estate which reduces the risk of losing capital. Investors can invest in real estate products worldwide in fractional quantities.

DeFi Governance

By putting the power of investment back in the hands of the investor’s LABS is encouraging liquidity in the secondary market. It allows for partially decentralized governance which lets the LABS token holder make decisions in a collective manner. Investors can stake the native tokens to earn profits on the platform. Holding the tokens in the wallet, users will get incentives as well as access to real estate deals at competitive prices.

Real Estate Securities Exchange

LABS has a real-estate securities exchange for secondary market liquidity. By providing these benefits it is allowing for more liquidity for investors. This also benefits projects to raise capital through retail on the secondary market. With a fully verified license, the organization lets its investors and the projects to exist in the same ecosystem. The Exchange also helps projects through a  Security Token Exchange Offering (STEO). The projects that meet the criteria will be able to sell equity directly on the exchange. 

G.A.I.N.S model

LABS also is the first project that has introduced the G.A.I.N.S model on its utility token. 


A few aspects of the platform will give the token holders voting right to understand how the platform will function and the types of investment available. 


By tokenizing real-estate assets, it encourages accessibility in the market and the investors can access global assets in the secondary market. Holding the tokens in the wallet, investors can get priority access to attractive real-estate. 


Token holders will get incentives like discounts on investments. Users have to connect their wallets to the platform to enjoy these incentives.


Token holders will also have the power to nominate projects based on the promises they hold


Users can also join reward pools of LABS corporate profit. 80% of the net profits in the first year back is given back to stakers of LABS tokens directly from their wallets. The percentage will depend on the governance vote and the community will decide how large it will be. 

The LABS Team

The LABS team consists of a diverse range of powerful entrepreneurs with the same mindset. The chairman is Mahesh Harilela, who belongs to the Harilela family. The CEO is blockchain entrepreneur Yeun Wong, and a seasoned office investment managing partner in Patrick Tang.

Other capable members of the group include Calvin Ng, president, Boris Chan, the CSO and a capable CTO in Leonidha Zhezha. They also have heads of different countries namely Eileen Xie, who is Head of China and Francis Berwa, Head of USA.

Other players in the team include Joshua Peng, Chief Blockchain Architect and Jeff Reed, the Head of Capital Markets. 

Mahesh Harilela – The Chairman  

Mahesh Hariela doesn’t need special mention here as he belongs to a reputable and powerful Harilela family from Hong Kong. The Harilela empire owns more than 18 hotels in and around the Special Administrative Region. 

Mahesh has been in the industry for more than 30 years and has done it all. He has been involved in most of the sectors and traveled around the world to learn more functioning of the industries.

Mahesh is known for his fighting spirit and has been flawlessly moving ahead with several projects in hand. Besides, Mahesh is also on the boards of directors of several companies in Hong Kong.


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