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Lil Pump’s Social token

by Lisa Zheng
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Cryptocurrencies have garnered much attention recently, and celebrities and media personalities have not been untouched by the increasing hype of digital assets.

Joining the bandwagon of celebrities launching their own tokens, Lil Pump has announced rolling out Pumpcoin for his fans.

Lil Pump Rolled Out PumpCoin

Lil Pump has collaborated with Fyooz to roll out Pumpcoin, a cryptocurrency token that would enable his fans to engage with Lil Pump more actively and closely.  The company issues a press release which said that the Pump Coin would enable users to have direct encounter and one on one with the rapper in games etc.

Fyooz is a cryptocurrency company that creates tokens to securitize celebrity status. The coins or tokens are themed on the various influencers and artists. Lil Pump is a twenty ear old Columbian American rapper who is famous for his Gucci Gang song and has been quite popular amongst the youth. With more than 25 million social media followers, Lil Pump can considerably vouch for the success of PumpCoin. The followers would take ownership of the token and use it to interact and access the singer. Fyooz cited that the token owners would directly interact and play games like Call of Duty with him.

Lil Pump gained massive popularity in the United States after the release of his song Gucci Gang in 2017. He also released another album Harvard Dropout that was immensely popular. Recently he came into the limelight when he supported President Donald Trump’s election campaign. Lil Pump has released a crypto token now. However, his online store already accepts Bitcoin as a payment method.

Many celebrities and artists had shown an inclination towards cryptocurrencies lately when Megan Thee Stallion started to give 1 million in Bitcoin to her fans via Square’s CashApp.

The co-founder of Fyooz said that amid the global shutdowns during Covid-19, there is an increased need for the artists to interact with their followers and fans as there are no physical events. The Social tokens would enable the celebrities to monetize the engagement with their fans. Another celebrity rapper Lil Yatchy sold out more than $16,050 worth LilYatchy digital collectibles in the YatchyCoin sale.


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