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Marc Cuban Says One Can Sell Anything Digital Using NFT

by Brian Armstrong
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Marc cuban, the billionaire businessman and owner of the Dallas Mavericks team has talked about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies on several occasions.

In a recent feature published on CoinDesk, Cuban talked about NFTs and Bitcoin, expressing that there are immense possibilities in the field.

Marc Cuban Talks About Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Blockchain

While Marc Cuban may be apprehensive about Bitcoin, he seems to have an affinity for NFTs. Cuban believes that NFT and other blockchain-based concepts can be a gamechanger.  Talking about NFTs he said that one can sell anything in the digital space with NFTs. He further pointed out that he may roll out some digital goods soon with the help of NFT. “Virtual Mavs gear, sneakers, art, pictures, videos, experiences, anything our imagination can come up with.” for his team.

Cuban said that nobody used Bitcoin as a currency. Detailing on his idea of Digital Goods Cuban said that they plan to bring Mavericks merchandise like a piece of virtual jewelry, clothing, accessories, and even Marv virtual sneakers which people could add to their posts.

Marc Cuban has questioned the credibility of bitcoin at several junctures. He even went on to say that he would prefer to buy bananas and invest in them rather than buy Bitcoin.

It is known that Cuban holds some Bitcoin, and however, he clarifies that his thoughts on Bitcoin have remained unchanged and he still feels it is just a store of value. He also mentioned that Bitcoin volatility is a cause of concern and not everyone can handle the pressure associated with it. 

Talking about the potential of Decentralized Finance and Blockchain space, Cuban revealed that “the Upside is truly unlimited’ Overall, he is quite optimistic about the blockchain space. He shared that “it is a platform for any number of amazing applications that outperform their traditional finance counterparts.”

Cuban revealed that he likes ETH token as it is the primary foundation of Decentralized Finance and is looking out for what happens around with ETH 2. He also expressed his views on Defi and its recent boom. He revealed that DeFi has shot now and  “if they can get away from the fear of KYC and other regulations, and let the products leverage their advantages, it really could change banking, dramatically.” 


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