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Massive rewards for Seascape NFT hodlers – $1,000 each to 139 addresses!

by Logan King

No that’s not a typo I really did say hodlers and no that’s not a typo again, I really did say $1000!!

On Tuesday, February 24th, 2021 at 1pm UTC Seascape has rewarded every holder of ANY Scape – Seascape’s original NFTs, with 30 Crowns per SCAPE. As of now the only two ways to get Scape NFTs are either through their Opensea store or Seascape Network’s official DeFi games. The rewards have been sent to a lucky group of 139 wallet addresses that are currently holding a SCAPE NFT. Overall the surprise prize drop is worth over $150,000 USD and the project’s fan’s are pretty ecstatic about it.

One fan of the project said “This is the biggest airdrop I have received in my life! I will forever stay loyal to the project now!.‘ Another fan reported “(the) project has been excellent thus far, the APY to stake is honestly amazing! I Love the NFTs and have enjoyed the community. I really see this project being one of the core players in NFTs and gaming ecosystem.

The Seascape team has hinted on their Medium article that this is just the first of many such community incentive reward packages that the team has planned for the community in the future. In addition to the Crowns (CWS) tokens, Seascape supporters are also eligible to receive PayWave drops as well. PayWave is basically a rebasing mechanism for CWS tokens whose supply is entirely derived from the spent amounts of tokens in the Seascape Network and Gaming ecosystem, thus ensuring a fixed supply cap of 10,000,000 Crowns with no inflation.

Overall, Seascape is panning out to be a great long term investment asset as an average APY 200%+ has been maintained for multiple weeks now. Furthermore, the project aims to deliver a clear and well-documented set of SDKs, for game developers to easily tokenize their projects unlike any other chain has to offer. For the fans though, the corner stone of their trust in the project stems from the investments made by the likes of Binance, Spark Digital Capital, PAKA, etc.

Whether or not Seascape’s ambition for NFT space domination comes to fruit or not, is definitely something time will tell but so far they seem to have garnered a steady loyal community support for what they’re doing and that is in itself an achievement not many projects can boast about.

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