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McAfee promotes Cryptocurrency through Twitter in Jail Cell

by Brian Armstrong

It recently came into news that John Mcafee was detained by Spanish police for a US Tax evasion case.

John Mcafee being the restless soul that he is, was actively tweeting about cryptocurrencies even though he was detained by the police in a Barcelona jail. He recently shared his views on Cryptocurrency and has been shelling some altcoins.

The antivirus expert, and crypto lover has faced allegations for several unverified cryptocurrency promotions in the past, which have sized him on massive gains in profit.

 McAfee Talks About Crypto from Jail

McAfee seemingly talked about the allegations surfaced on him and touched upon several headlines of the crypto industry.

He expressed his views on a QA style blog published on Monday this week, stating that the charges against him are fabricated due to his revolt for the Sixteenth Amendment by the income tax department of the US government. He also convinced various crypto users to invest in a his cryptocurrency called Ghost.

Ofcourse, he highlighted PayPal for introducing Cryptocurrencies on its network. McAfee added that the PayPal move shows that Cryptocurrency is gaining acceptance globally and is going to be accustomed by governments across the world as well.

he in-prison crypto enthusiast is now fostering and promoting Ghost stablecoin, which he said he developed to promote the use of Cryptocurrencies as transactions. McAfee is not formally part of the Ghost cryptocurrency asset, but he tweeted as he is still part of the privacy project. 

GHOST Project: McAfee Clarified His Stance

In his QA style interview posted on iammcafee.com, he answered about his involvement with $GHOST and whether he is working while he is in detention. He said that his work is completely around the development of a stable private coin, which would be a version of DAI( wrapped). He also added that they have plans to bring a new private blockchain. The new stable coin is hinted to bring transaction profits to various GHOST holders

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