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MicroStrategy Appoints New Engineer to Advance BTC Maximalism

by Lisa Zheng
MicroStrategy Appoints New Engineer to Advance BTC Maximalism

To develop cybersecurity solutions and allow e-commerce use cases on the Lightning Network, the company that holds the most Bitcoin in the world is looking for a software engineer.

To develop a software-as-a-service platform based on the Lightning Network, MicroStrategy, the business intelligence and technology company that currently maintains the largest Bitcoin reserve in the world, is recruiting a Bitcoin Lightning software engineer.

According to a job description posted on the MicroStrategy website, the newly hired engineer will be in charge of developing a Lightning Network-based platform to handle business cybersecurity issues and enable new e-commerce use cases. In addition to an adversarial perspective, the applicant should have credentials, expertise in decentralized finance systems, and an understanding of tools and programming languages.

The 1989-founded company MicroStrategy started buying Bitcoin in August 2020, and as of this writing, it has a reserve of 130,000 BTC, which is currently worth $2.57 billion. On September 20, it was revealed that the final 301 BTC of its assets would be purchased for around $3.98 billion. Recently, the long-term profitability of bitcoin fell to a four-year low. Currently, MicroStrategy owns 0.62% of all Bitcoin that will ever be created.

Michael Saylor, a co-founder and former CEO of MicroStrategy, is well known for being a maximalist in Bitcoin and a supporter of digital currency. On August 2, Saylor submitted his resignation as CEO, however, he is still the executive chair of the firm.

The Washington, DC attorney general’s office filed a tax evasion lawsuit against Saylor and MicroStrategy at the month’s conclusion.

The Lightning Network is a layer-2 Bitcoin system created to increase transaction throughput and reduce fees. Since its launch in 2018, it has been making sluggish advancements in allowing peer-to-peer transactions.

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