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Mike Novogratz wins 0.5 BTC on a US election bet

by Carolina Lynch

In an election bet, Mike Novogratz wins half a Bitcoin which he decides to give away as a lottery to Bitcoiners.

Twitter user Adelgary won the lottery and now has pocked $7,700 worth of Bitcoin

Novogratz’s election bet 

CEO and a billionaire investor, Mike Novogratz took an election bet and won half a bitcoin in the bet. Now that he has won the bet and half a bitcoin, he tweeted that he has decided to give the win away in a lottery.

US elections have been one of the most-awaited and anticipated events in America. It was also one event that the entire globe was taking interest in. The cryptocurrency world was equally excited and it was betting big time projecting the results especially when the vote counting got extended and mercury levels got raised last week. Many crypto traders who put their money on Trump winning lost up to $11 million because Joe Biden ended up as the President finishing Trump’s prospects and resonating with what people wanted. But with Novogratz placing a bet on Biden, winning is likely to make a person richer by thousands of dollars. 

“I won an election bet with StoneyBitson. 1/2 BTC.  I am going to have a lottery for young bitcoiners for that coin. No one can enter who already owns bitcoin,” said Novogratz in a tweet, adding that “I’m thinking of a number between 1-1000. Whoever guesses first gets it.  I’ll have Stoney send directly. One guess.”

Twitter user Adelgary gets lucky

One of the lucky Twitter users Adelgary won the bet. The user managed to correctly guess the number 826. The user chose this figure because they lived in China for 8 years and number 26 was the date of birth. Now that Adelgary has won the bet and the Bitcoin, as per Bitcoin’s performance it makes the win even more important.

Given the terms of the bet, Twitter user Adelgary will receive the 0.5 BTC on the inauguration day, or the day Donald Trump concedes.

Going back to the beginning of this year Bitcoin was somewhere around $7208 but ever since that day, it has doubled its value and is currently priced at $15521.

Bitcoin starts November with a bang

The month of November has started off with a bang for Bitcoin. The performance is indicative of a major rally that is likely to take place. The year has also not ended yet and assuming that Adelgary decides to hold it further, the user can earn more if Bitcoin run were to continue. 

While Bitcoin’s price was at $7,208 on January 1, 2020, it has since risen to $15,521.


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