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Millions worth of BTC moved after 10 years

by Hans Lipper
Million Btc

A huge transaction of 15 million Bitcoin was recently observed after more than 10 years of dormancy.

BTCparser reports that 1000- Satoshi era Bitcoin were transferred on 7th November in 20 transactions. 

$15,000,000 in Bitcoin Moved

Another huge transaction related to Bitcoin caught the eye of investors and traders alike when 15 million in Bitcoin came to life. The 15 million was mined way back before the creator decided to go silent and suddenly woke up from the dead after more than a decade. BTCparser, the blockchain data monitoring firm has outlined that the 1000-Satoshi era Bitcoin which was created in 2010 finds its way in the pandemic year and was transferred on November 7th in 20 different transactions worth 50 BTC each. 

Source: BTCparser

Taking a closer look at the transfers, it shows that the owner of the BTC has sent the coins to a wallet address with a history of aggregately speaking only 2 transactions. But then with a series and onslaught of several transactions, the wallet emptied its BTC treasure trove. The most recent transfer being the 4th batch of early-stage Bitcoin to be moved this year. 

Speaking of which, in October, $12 million in BTC was suddenly moved after 10 years of remaining dormant. This has raged a discussion on whether it is Satoshi Nakamoto who has done this after all. 50 BTC which was created almost 10 years ago, in an era when the mining rewards were 50 BTC per block were moved and seemingly have been transferred to Bitfinex. Again, in May 50 BTC mined back in February 200 sprung back to life after it was sleeping in the wallet for 11 full years. 

Bitcoin seems to be the current flavor

As is apparent, the last month for Bitcoin has been nothing short of a joy ride. Analysts, investors, and regular veteran traders are predicting a huge rally for Bitcoin while it keeps moving up north crossing the $15k mark. A lot of institutional investors like Microstrategy, Square, and GrayScale have announced publicly their investment ownership of Bitcoin that has spiked the value of Bitcoin not just in terms of price but also it’s worth. Several independent researchers are crypto intelligence firms who are now trying to detect the movements of Satoshi-era BTC to understand if Nakamoto is behind it. Analysts have a strong orientation towards this theory looking at the blockchain data and think that Nakamoto is responsible for the mining of 1 billion BTC. 


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