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No Reimbursement to Users of Ledger after Data Hack

by Hans Lipper
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Ledger noted that sensitive data of more than 270,000 users was leaked online, creating havoc in the crypto circles.

While the hack was of enormous magnitude, the company will not be compensating the customers for their leaked data as per the CEO.

Ledger CEO Says They Won’t Compensate Hacked Users.

The CEO of the company, Pascal Gauthier, highlighted that the significant data hack happened to impact a massive number of users. Decrypt reported that the firm would not compensate the users who have their names, delivery addresses and even phone numbers revealed online publicly.

In an official tweet, the company said that a dump of the content with its customer database was exposed on Raid forums.

The company checked the same; most likely, the data can be from their June 2020 e-commerce database. The leaked data included sensitive information like addresses and phone numbers, which may propel advanced Phishing attacks. Reportedly users have got emails with malicious links in order to steal their cryptocurrency private keys. The customers are also being blackmailed and threatened to pay the ransom as the hackers know their names and home addresses.

The hacked users have claimed to have received death threats and said that their emails had been used to create Coinbase accounts, while some complained of sim swaps. However, the CEO said that the attack is of massive level, and if they start compensating such a high volume of users, it will kill the company

Pascal Gauthier denied any reimbursement to any of the affected users, even those who have their home addresses revealed.

“It’s just an online scam to scare you with these tactics. This is what works for attackers. To move to someone’s home is a very costly event.” Gauthier said.

He further said that the threats are not real, and even if the threats are real by any chance, there is a slight possibility of this happening. Since the data has been leaked since June, not any cases of attacks have been reported. He supported his argument by saying that such leaks allow hackers to target customers online but not in real life. He also added that users should not store their private cryptocurrency keys at their homes. He further advised them to keep the keys at a secure location where the attackers cannot steal them from.


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