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Paxful adds its first Global Credit Card Processor for Automated Payments

by Brian Armstrong
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Cryptocurrency companies continue to enhance their platform introducing newer features to attract a broader customer base.

Paxful, a peer-to-peer Bitcoin marketplace, just struck a deal with Moonpay for facilitating better services to its customers by integrating the latter’s payment solutions on its platform.

Paxful Integrates Moonpay Wallet

Moonpay would provide the P2P finance solutions to the Paxful customers enabling the customers who do not have enough banking facilities. Using the Moonpay wallet, every customer would use a free digital wallet and undertake transactions without any hassle.

They can store, send, and receive Bitcoin using the Moonpay wallet on the Paxful platform and curtail the costs or fees to the third-party middlemen. The users would be able to make payments through debit and credit payments from Paxful. 

Moonpay Wallet uses a simple process through which the Paxful users would be able to receive their Bitcoin after linking their credit or debit card on the wallet. Moonpay wallet serves as the interface which allows Paxful to process major Fiat currencies like GBP, USD, and EUR.

The CEO of Moonpay, Ivan Soto-Wright, expressed that the firm is excited to partner with Paxful, which is a leading P2P crypto marketplace. As the firm aspires to push the wider acceptance of cryptocurrencies, the Moonpay-Paxful integration serves as an accelerator. He further added that We are delighted to be partnering with one of the leading peer-to-peer crypto marketplaces and providing reliable payment infrastructure to onboard millions of more users into cryptocurrencies,”

The integration of Moonpay wallet in the Paxful bitcoin marketplace increases the Paxful platform’s efficiency and enables faster, cost-effective, and seamless transactions. It empowers the customers with lesser payment rejections and a sturdier platform to use. Ray Yossef, the CEO and Co-Founder of Paxful, said that they are delighted with Moonpay joining Paxful, and the conglomeration brings ‘Fair financial opportunities to everyone”. The firm envisions to provide better access to financial freedom to its customers and thus continues to add newer payment methods to its list. Using Moonpay, credit card payments would become cost-effective and quicker.


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