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“Revolutionizing Digital Marketing

by Lisa Zheng

Brazilian company Wiboo has extended the utility of its Wibx token, adding new use cases to its already popular platform. Wiboo’s mission is to decentralize the power of digital marketing by advocating that each person can be a media asset, capable of impacting people around them. The Wibx token is used to facilitate purchases and payments without the need for a bank or card issuer, and is now integrated into supermarket chains in Brazil.

The expanded use cases for the Wibx token include games, music, and immersive technology industries. Wiboo has also developed a Whitelabel platform for record labels, where artists offer exclusive rewards and experiences to their fans in exchange for engagement. In addition, the company has strengthened its relationships with big companies in the games, metaverse, and e-sports market.

The Wibx token was first listed on the country’s large crypto exchange, Mercado Bitcoin, in 2020, and Wiboo now intends to expand the Wibx platform in 2023, starting with other countries in South America and then expanding to Europe and North America. With a user base of more than half a million people, Wiboo is positioned to become a major player in the digital marketing and payments space.

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