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RFuel Seems to be Fueling Up For a Moonshot.

by Hans Lipper

Progress is being made at Riochain that could take the company into mass adoption – which has always been the holy grail of blockchain. 


Well, think of Bitcoin as the Ford Model-T, the first “automobile” to revolutionize the way people get around. We don’t drive Model-T’s anymore because progress was made. 

Riochain is similarly making great strides innovating blockchain technology to create better products — DeFi products — that seem to be fueling up it’s native token Rfuel for new heights. 

RioChain Takes Blockchain Up a Level

One of the more prominent innovations which catch the eye is the RioChain — which is a proprietary blockchain they’ve developed. It’s main eye-catching feature is: interoperability. 

Bitcoin will not go away, just like Ford didn’t. 

Ethereum may very well also rule the smart contract space. 

The key to innovation will be blockchains which can integrate as many top coins as possible

Riochain achieves this. They use Proof of Authority consensus between trusted nodes in a design that achieves “security, speed (2s/block), efficiency (low transaction cost and electricity usage), and scalability (3,000+ transactions per second).”

DeFi The World

It’s no question that Decentralized Finance is the hot topic of 2020. But many companies are still trying to wrap their heads around where they want to take this technology. 

Riochain’s vision is spearheaded by its experienced CEO: James Anderson

James believes in social entrepreneurship. To that end, he co-founded Social Evolution, a non-profit organization raising awareness about digital currencies and the benefits of decentralized finance.

James and his Riochain team of four co-founders, several directors, and plenty of advisors are stearing Riochain straight towards DeFi in the developing world. 

The World Trade Organization compiled a study on how people in developing countries will be able to leapfrog past traditional banking in brick-and-morter buildings. Instead, they will use blockchain and DeFi services like the ones presented by Riochain.

Rfuel Helps Everyone

Riochain is powered by the people staking and using the native token Rfuel. The first to benefit will be those in the next gigantic market: India.

An article tells us that RFUEL is set to be listed on top Indian exchanges, allowing Indians the ability to seemlessly purchase RFUEL using their fiat currency of INR.

“RioDeFi is also working with the team at Vauld (formerly Bank of Hodlers) to offer INR focused financial infrastructure services for any developers wanting to build their dream businesses on RioChain.”

The table above also shows that people who purchase Rfuel will be able to stake it. 

This opens up even more avenues for people in the developed world to get ahead — as well as anyone around the world to participate in earning their share. 

All these facts go to show that Rfuel and Riochain are fueling up for tremendous moves this year and beyond. 

Stay tuned!


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