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Soccer Star of Japan Keisuke Honda launches his own cryptocurrency

by Brian Armstrong
Big Keisuke Honda

Japanese Midfielder, Keisuke Honda Launches His Own Token

Keisuke Honda, a former professional soccer player from Japan, is all set to join the league of crypto enthusiasts with a mind-blowing offering. He announces launching his own cryptocurrency to increase his fandom across the followers.

Cryptocurrency is undoubtedly the money of the future and is garnering a lot of public attention in the last few days. The alternative currencies have created much uproar ever since their inception. There has been tremendous inclination from the mainstream firms and institutions towards Cryptocurrencies, and most prominent organizations are now investing in crypto. Celebrities, public figures, and entertainers associate with Blockchain and Cryptocurrency to create a firm foothold in the fast-evolving field.

KSK Honda Coin was  launched this week through Rally.io’s popular blockchain platform. The platform is for developing the gaming and video sharing applications and would help host the token intended for allowing fans to get connected with Keisuke. 

Rally Launching Creator Coins for Brands

Rally announced the same on a blog post in which it mentioned that the company is rolling out several brand coins for celebrities and sports stars.

As per the reports, several soccer teams have adopted Blockchain for creating a platform for their fans and players. Russian Premier League recently used the soccer platform Solare which works on Ethereum blockchain.

This would be a type of a creator coin in which the creators and the fans can benefit as the celebrities develop a blockchain where they interact and collaborate with their fans more actively.

Closer Interaction and Stronger Bond with Fans

The Honda token holders will be able interact with Honda on his private channels on Discord.

The soccer player said that they created the new social token to enable new connections amongst the loyal fans who want to stay in touch with him. He added that the fans would be closer and more open.

Chiliz, also known as CHZ has been leading the race of tokenized sports teams with popular teams like BAR. BAR tokens are distributed for fan holders of Barcelona Football club and can be utilised for making decisions and even helping formulate team formations.

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