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Square working towards less complicated Crypto Wallets

by Brian Armstrong

Payment Giant Square aims to reduce the operational complexities involved in the functioning of the crypto wallets.

Square took to Twitter to announce a major grant to the developer who could envision a good experience for crypto wallet users. 

Square acknowledges the problem

Square is on a mission, and this time it is to ensure that the proceedings and processes revolving around crypto wallets become less complicated. The Payments giant took to Twitter to announce that they will be awarding a major grant to the developer who can envisage and foresee a better experience for all crypto users in general. 

“Giving trick-or-treaters Open Dimes and Square Crypto grants this year. Speaking of which, this one goes to Maggie Valentine (@magglevalentine), a designer working to simplify wallet onboarding flows by reducing technical jargon and increasing user education.”

Maggie Valentine – the key to reduce complexities

Maggie Valentine who currently heads design for non-profit She257 has been roped in by the concern to reduce the inherent complexities involved in the usage of crypto wallets. They aim to simplify the system so much that users without technical know-how could also take advantage of Bitcoin

“Maggie’s thesis is that Bitcoin should be usable by anyone, regardless of technical proficiency. Difficult wallet UX shouldn’t determine who benefits from Bitcoin. Her plan is to investigate these problems and publish recommendations to make onboarding more user-friendly.”

What does it entail?

Valentine’s proposal to Square included pointers that have the potential to catapult the future of financial infrastructure. At the same time, she also accepts the fact that there are many barriers in the crypto space which prevents non-savvy users from entering the space. She wholeheartedly believes that the presence of intimidating technical jargon in the wallet space is tantamount to a reprimand for those users who cannot understand crypto-like experts. As a result, the users are unable to take full advantage of the technology and cannot reap in an expected manner. 

The research guide constructed by Valentine will be later incorporated into the Bitcoin Design guide as per Square. 

“These learnings will be published in the ‘Best Practices’ and ‘Recommended Actions on First-Run’ sections of the Bitcoin Design Guide.”

Summing up

There is no doubt that the cryptocurrency wallet is a revolutionary concept and has proven to be a change-maker in the world of cryptocurrency. But there is no denying that it is still plagued by a lot of issues that make its mainstream adoption a herculean task. By deciding to conquer this issue, Square has taken a step in the right direction indicating that user interest matters. 


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