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SWAG.Finance Heats Up the Blockchain

by Hans Lipper

The blockchain is getting hotter: a new DAO called SWAG.Finance is bringing community governance to the Asian adult entertainment community.

Their SWAG token launched and went up 240% from 0.10 USDC to 0.24 USDC with 540 holder addresses in less than 18 hours and a 24hr volume of $333,917 USD.

That’s proof right there, proof that the Asian community found a blockchain project it adores. Let’s take a brief look at SWAG.Finance and see why it enjoyed such a healthy start.

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CoinGecko $SWAG

The Proof is in the Profits

SWAG.Finance doesn’t seem to be a fly-by-night operation, here today and gone tomorrow. No, they have verifiable proof of their business success. 

And as we know, having verifiable success is of paramount importance for a successful DAO.

SWAG began in 2017 as an offline business catering to the Asian adult entertainment industry. Only after they found success and profits did they launch their DAO — and it took off. One news source put it this way:

“Swag boasts a total of more than ten million users and ten thousand content creators, generating $12 million in revenue this year as of Q3.”

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These monumental profits helped SWAG launch their DAO with a proper build.

SWAG is Branching Out

SWAG.Finance boasts over 3,000 members on Discord, over 4,800 followers on Twitter, and over 3,000 members on Telegram and growing. Such an active community plus a strong Github page have combined to propel them into the possibility of a tier 1 exchange listing within the coming weeks. 

Screenshot 2020 10 27 At 5.10.15 Pm

Until then, people can trade SWAG live on CREAM.FINANCE SWAP as well as Uniswap. Buying SWAG also enables people to be part of their governance forum and vote on various projects. One of the projects currently topping the lists is a proposal for the first decentralized porn movie. 

World’s First Decentralized Porn Movie on SWAG.Finance


The project creators wrote that they will be filming with a proper budget and equipment. They went on to outline rewards as follows:

“30% would be paid upon completion of the movie – 30 000 SWAG tokens.


70% would be paid in weekly batches (at the end of the week for 12 weeks) – 10 000 SWAG tokens. If at any point the DAO is unhappy with the results of my work they can fire me and pick a different coordinator, but hopefully you will like the results.”

This type of fresh community dialogue in such a hot space could show the world that blockchain technology has myriad uses and benefits. 

SWAG.Finance Provides a New Experience

Whatsmore, people who participate in SWAG projects and rewards and the SWAG DAO as a whole will get an inside experience that is unique and well worth exploring this new DAO. 

One thing’s certain: SWAG.Finance is heating up the blockchain not only with price action but also with hot content. 

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