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Bitcoin Investment of a Student Leads to Tragic Death

by Lisa Zheng

The tragic death of a second-year B.Com student from Lucknow, India, has been linked to a bitcoin investment gone wrong. The student had invested ₹3.5 lahks ($4,200) in an online crypto investment company he had found on Telegram, which promised high returns. When the student asked for his funds back, the organization ceased communication. This caused him to become depressed and eventually take his own life.

The police are investigating the case and have confirmed that the death was a result of suicide. This is not the first time that a financial loss has caused someone to take their own life. Last year, a Taiwanese man jumped from his apartment after losing nearly $2 million in the Terra crash. There were also reports of people who experienced mental problems and contemplated suicide after the collapse.

The FTX demise also resulted in millions of investors losing their funds. One software developer living in East England lost nearly $10,000 and had to deal with friends who were thinking about suicide and had health issues after the catastrophe. These events are a reminder that we should stay strong and be surrounded by loved ones during difficult times.

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