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Twitter Gives ‘Go-Ahead’ for Sending and Receiving Ethereum Tips

by Natalie Christie
Twitter Gives ‘Go-Ahead’ for Sending and Receiving Ethereum Tips

Although ENS domains have not yet been incorporated, users will still need to submit a complete Ethereum address.

Twitter made Bitcoin payments the first cryptocurrency payment option accessible through its tip jar in September 2021. On Wednesday, the social media site introduced a plethora of new payment alternatives, including Ether, to these already-available tipping options.

The only steps required of users who want to receive ETH tips are to enable the platform’s tipping functionality and enter an Ethereum address to the profile area that is specifically for that purpose. A punctuation error box appeared when an effort was made to substitute an ENS domain name for a full alphanumeric address, but the attempt was futile.

To send tips using Bitcoin, use the Lightning Network, which uses the Strike app to transfer payments. No other information about tipping in ETH was offered by Twitter, though. Only users of iOS and Android smartphones currently have access to tips. Users keep all tips they receive, according to Twitter.

According to the business, tips can be used to support, thank, assist, or reward anyone you choose, including hosts of Twitter Spaces and other developing producers and journalists. Venmo, Patreon, Cash App, GoFundMe, and Wealthsimple are a few other payment options that are supported.

The option to upload nonfungible tokens, or NFTs, as profile images was just made available to Twitter Blue users, albeit only on iOS.

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