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Unlocking Seamless Bitcoin Transfers with IoV Labs’ RIF Flyover

by Lisa Zheng

IoV Labs, a South American blockchain technology company, has launched its Rootstock Infrastructure Framework (RIF) Flyover, an open-source protocol designed to enable faster and seamless bitcoin (BTC) transfers between the main Bitcoin blockchain and the Rootstock sidechain. The protocol is a non-custodial bridge, meaning users do not need to give third parties access to their funds or private keys. The protocol quickens the transfer process by allowing third parties to provide liquidity, reducing the transfer time from hours to minutes. Once the assets are transferred to Rootstock, users use RBTC, a BTC-pegged native token of the sidechain, to interact with a range of services. Commenting on the product launch, Sergio Demain Lerner, the co-founder and Chief Scientist at IoV Labs, said they are excited to release the RIF Flyover protocol to the Rootstock community and can’t wait to see how the community uses the protocol to develop unique solutions. The RIF Flyover is now available as part of the Rootstock Infrastructure Framework (RIF), an open-source suite of products and protocols that enable developers to quickly and easily develop and launch new DeFi services.

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