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NewsCrypto (NWC) launching on PancakeSwap

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Seascape Network launches on Binance Smart Chain

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On February 25th 2021 NewsCrypto – a crypto trader centric platform announced the PancakeSwap launch for its native cryptocurrency NWC coin. At the moment the only way to acquire NWC coin is through direct purchases through the platform itself or through exchanges such as Hitbtc, Kucoin, Probit etc. 

What is about? was found as a self funded platform by a group of experienced traders back in 2017. Since then the platform has evolved into an educational, informational, trading, news and analytics platform, designed to help crypto traders with a myriad of features that the platform offers right out of the box. Furthermore, NewsCrypto’s mobile app allows traders to monitor their portfolio from a single location all the while utilizing built-in tools like market indicators and community predictions.

More details about the NWC Coin

Within the NewsCrypto network the NWC coin serves as the intermediary connection between traders and their ability to unlock smart features related to money movement analysis throughout the platform. In addition to being a utility as well as a value-transfer medium, the NWC coin is also part of the platform’s staking economy where it claims to offer a ROI of 10% within a time period of 3 months. 

Originally a Stellar based token, NWC coin now exists as a multi-chain asset as well by being an ERC-20 Ethereum based token and a BEP-20 Binance Smart Chain based token. As a result of its multi-chain nature NWC Coin and Newscrypto platform users can take advantage of the DeFi landscape that each of these blockchains dominate. 

What is PancakeSwap?

PancakeSwap is a Binance Smart Chain-based Decentralized Exchange (DEX) with a focus on letting its users earn more rewards when compared to other DEXes. PancakeSwap as a DeFi protocol is built by an anonymous yet seemingly influential group of developers that use the Automated Market Making (AMM) model to match market orders with a liquidity pool as opposed to other orders on an order match book. PancakeSwap focuses on rewarding its liquidity providers with different flavors of liquidity tokens when they back different pairs of liquidity pools. 

NewsCrypto is already a multi-chain asset and how tying into the Binance Smart Chain world would help its user base time can only tell.

To learn more about NewsCrypto visit:
Twitter: @NwcPublic
Telegram: @NWC_Public

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