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1Inch Gifted Early Users for Christmas

by Natalie Christie
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Christmas is the most happening time of the year, that every company and brand utilizes to connect with their customers by giving freebies, gifts, and massive discounts. It was raining gifts and free tokens in the crypto industry as well, as users received cryptocurrency worth millions in freebies and airdrops.

1Inch provided free crypto tokens to its early customers on December 25; a lucky winner went away with a $27 million reward.

1Inch Gifts 1INCH tokens worth millions to early adopters

Decentralized exchange aggregator 1Inch gave a huge surprise to its early adopters when its gifted tens of millions worth of free cryptocurrency to them on Christmas day. 1Inch launches its native cryptocurrency on December 25 and provided around 90 million tokens to the early adopters, the traders who had traded on the token before September 15, 2020. The company launched its 1INCh token on Christmas that allows the 1Inch network to be governed by DAO. 1Inch is the utility token that expands the capability of governance in Decentralized Finance to the next level.

1inch said that all the wallets which have traded on 1inch before December 24 would get the free tokens “at least four trades in total OR trades for a total of at least $20”.The 1Inch liquidity providers received 1INCH tokens as per the liquidity mining programs. The company launched a liquidity mining program to bootstrap the liquidity protocol through the use of 1INCH token as a connector token in 6 liquidity mining pools.

1Inch said that the decentralized finance space is growing rapidly. However, the current governance models do not encapsulate the quickly changing protocols. 1inch provides a solution to this through its Instant governance feature through which the community can vote for specific protocol settings through DAO. It makes the process efficient, fast, and transparent.

Currently, more than 26,175 wallets already claimed more than seventy-five percent of the airdropped tokens, while one lucky claimer got around 9.7 million tokens worth $27 million. The user was awarded proportionally by 1Inch. The 1INCH token is a governance token like $UNI and $LEND through which the users can vote for tweaks on the network.


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