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Crypto Miners in Texas

by Brian Armstrong

The recent cold winter in Texas has caused disruption to the operations of local Bitcoin miners. The extreme weather conditions have caused electricity consumption to surge significantly, prompting miners to shut down their machines in order to protect the energy network. Can Zhao, CMO of JDK Capital, reported that his company has seen a 25% loss in computing power due to the curtailment of electricity in some areas. Lee Bratcher, President of Texas Blockchain Council, revealed that the worst-affected entities were the miners with mobile containers, which were not designed to be weather-proof.

In addition, the summer heat wave in Texas also caused disruption to Bitcoin miners, with over 1,000 megawatts worth of mining load switched off to conserve energy for the power grid. Despite the weather anomalies, the state has emerged as one of USA’s crypto mining hubs, with even some Chinese miners considering moving their businesses to the area due to the harsh environment in their homeland.

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