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Bitcoin to touch 14k as soon as America Selects the Next President?

by Carolina Lynch
Btc President

Bitcoin is ready to look at the $14k figure with much enthusiasm while the entire world has its eyes set on the US Presidential elections.

The tables favor Biden this time over Trump in what seems like a much-needed change in leadership, outlook, and strategy.

Presidential elections fever on

The fever of the Presidential election is underway and with the world’s eyes on what could be the course of direction, America would take, the situation seems stable and in control. Cryptocurrency markets also are looking at the election with much expectation and fanfare. Bitcoin that dived into the 13k zone is still holding itself well in that range and it seems with all the activities and events happening that it is ready to show what it is truly worth. By the likes of it, it seems that it may well surpass the $14k figure showcasing solid strength and fundamentals. 

The last few years of the rule of Trump has seen everything on the downside. There cannot be the worst time in the history of the presidency when the country is burning with several of its own issues. And to make matters worse, the pandemic, a giving of China has affected the nation in the worst possible manner. If that’s not all, Trump has been under fire for an extremely poor show of pandemic management rendering the entire country helpless. If that’s not all, protests, nation-wide economic downgrading, and a reputation that has taken a hit globally, America is seething in anger. Election betting agents are betting highly on Biden even when Texas has reached a deadlock. 

What will America decide?

The question to a certain extent is predictable and to a certain extent is not. A lot of American youth and the future have been lost in the journey because Trump had not administered the pandemic well. The American Intelligence service also was a clear failure because China successfully managed to eliminate its powerful enemy. 

Trump managed to make the great nation, a once-great nation by clearly being checkmated by both Iran and China in this not-so-usual warfare. The deadly attack on Vienna sure reminds people and everyone that Biden may be the factor that will bring back the true America that is. It’s a choice between being scared of a pandemic or a street attack! The question is how will America decide? Will it be how Trump failed in his task to save his folks from a pandemic, or his inability to curb state tensions on the street. As of now, it is clear that it will be everything collated into one. 

Bitcoin’s slow and steady rise

The top cryptocurrency by market value reached $14,047 around 10:05 UTC on Saturday – the highest level since January 2018. Early this week, Bitcoin missed out on clearing the June 2019 high of $13880. It hence faced selling pressures as global stock markets registered sharp losses. Till the results are out, it is hard to say which way Bitcoin could go.


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