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Curve Finance adds Euro as a secondary option

by Carolina Lynch
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The stablecoin trading is inherently overshadowed by the currencies pegged on the US dollar, which forces the users in Non-US regions to get certain dollar exposure.

Curve Finance, the stablecoin exchange, has now announced that it is introducing a Liquidity pool between Statis Euro and Synthetic Euro on its Synthetic derivatives platform. 

Curve Finance Introduces Euro Liquidity Pools

Curve Finance introduced the Euro pegged pool to create more exposure in the European countries and build a more expansive Euro market on its platform; It is also looked up as a move towards Curve’s vision to open forex exchange markets.

Curve Finance addressed its community via Twitter, addressing the Curve Whales to accumulate enough votes for introducing $CRV for pBTC, $bBTc,$sEUR last week.

After successful voting, the liquidity pools were rolled out. The $sEUR liquidity pool was much needed for the users after the noncustodial tokenized USD is declared illegal as per user @blockmoso, who replied to Curve Finance tweet on December 18.

Curve Finance is among the top decentralized exchanges considering the trading volumes covering more than ten percent of the total market share. The automated market maker allows swaps within assets. Curve has liquidity pools for the US pegged stablecoin on Ethereum and within various wrapped assets like Bitcoin etc. Curve announced the $ETH/$sETH  liquidity pool is now available on the Curve platform.

The decentralized exchange announced introducing Euro pegged stablecoin $sEUR after the community passed the same through governance vote. Synthetix powered cross-bridge assets between the leading cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies would get a significant push by the announcement of the $ETH/$sETH liquidity pool. These would provide better BTC, USDx, and ETH trading without any slippage.

The COO of Synthetix, Jordan Momazi, said, ‘Let’s get virtual synths going and close the loop on stablecoin to ETH transactions’. The Synthetix community believes that the $SNX holders may profit substantially.

The sETh, sBTC, sEUR, and sUSD would be highly instrumental in taking the Curve exchange to the next level as it competes with Uniswap. The functionality would allow Curve to provide ETH<> DAI swaps using Synthetix as an intermediary.  With the Euro pool and Ethereum pool, the Curve Exchange is completely transforming to the wider level.


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