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Deepak Chopra – Renowned Author Plans to launch his own token

by Brian Armstrong
Deepak Chopra

Crypto Industry is fast expanding and making waves in new fields, the latest being mental wellness and healing.

A leading mental health leader who is also a renowned author – Deepak Chopra announced a crypto token to promote healthy living is indeed exciting news.

World Famous Mind Wellness Coach Brings His Own Crypto Token

Deepak Chopra is a well-known mental well-being coach who promotes healthy living through his sessions and bestselling books. The bestselling author and highly acclaimed personality is venturing into the world of Blockchain with his token named Love in action. He also expressed his plans on buying Bitcoin in the future.

Recently, there has been a lot of inclination towards cryptocurrencies and blockchain amongst mainstream celebrities and institutions as they consider Bitcoin and other alternate currencies as a potentially profitable investment.

Kanye West most recently addressed Bitcoin in an interview, various sports personalities such as Keisuke Honda are introducing their own Crypto tokens over Blockchains to interact and get closer with their fans.

‘Love in Action’ Token to Be Based on Hedera Platform

Deepak Chopra shared his plans for launching the token around suicide prevention week. The Deepak Chopra foundation noted that the token is intended to work for the people’s wellness and is part of a global campaign to heal the world.

The well renowned author also noted that he is keen on the use of Cryptocurrency. Jason Bret’s former regulator of the FDIC asked Chopra on the technical roadmap for his new token, asking how he plans to roll out the same. Chopra answered that currently, the strategic roadmap is being chalked out. They are lining to use the proof of state on the Hedera platform to promote healthy living through the Love in action token. The token would initially be backed by the native bar cryptocurrency, which would then transition to the full-fledged coin in the second half of 2021.

A Welcome Sign

The crypto industry leaders are appreciating the move as they feel that Deepak is using the technology for the social good by imparting mental wellness awareness support to people.

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