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“Massive Gaming Launches World’s First Stable Blockchain Technology-Based Social Casino Games!”

by Lisa Zheng

Massive Gaming, an affiliate of NEOWIZ, is set to launch a series of social casino games, House of Slots, House of Poker, and House of Blackjack, in the first half of 2023. The games will be based on Web3-based Play and Earn content and blockchain technology, and will be the world’s first stable blockchain technology-based social casino games. The games will offer genres of slot, holdem’ poker, and blackjack, and will provide users with a realistic and fair gaming experience.

The games will feature a Play and Earn system, where users can unlock rewards in the game’s decentralized economy, and will also include token airdrops and game NFT free minting before and after launch. To participate in the events, users must install the IntellaX wallet, and can unlock additional reward benefits by completing missions in games. The most notable aspect of this project is the adoption of the stable USDC, a coin fixed to the value of the US dollar. This will prevent the decline of the game token’s value, and users will be paid USDC as a reward, ensuring stability in reward value.

Small and medium-sized game developers have experimented with the combination of Play and Earn games based on blockchain technology, but the in-game economies have not provided a stable structure that produces fair benefits to users. However, Massive Gaming provides the world’s first social casino game service based on blockchain technology that applies a Play & Earn structure that can fairly benefit users due to the use of the stable USDC in the game. Users will be able to use various services within the blockchain ecosystem as well as enjoy social casino games through the world’s first social casino game based on blockchain technology.

Massive Gaming is focused on the production and publication of Crypto-enabled games and services, and more information can be found on their homepage. With the launch of these games, users will be able to experience the game’s Play and Earn ecosystem pre-launch, and will be rewarded with USDC for their efforts. This is an exciting development for the world of gaming, and one that will provide users with a fair and stable gaming experience.

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