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“Uncovering the Reasons Behind Cryptocurrency Exchange Customer Inactivity”

by Brian Armstrong

DemaTrading.ai, an index solution provider, recently conducted a survey of leading cryptocurrency exchanges to identify common reasons why customers remain inactive. The survey revealed that customers often become overwhelmed by the sheer number of assets listed on exchanges, leading to poor choices and bad experiences. Additionally, customers are often unwilling to actively manage their portfolios, as it requires a significant amount of time and effort. Furthermore, there is a lack of index fund options, which would make it easier for customers to invest in sectors they see potential in.

To address these issues, DemaTrading.ai has developed a trading engine that optimizes the trades in a basket or portfolio (based on an index) by training models with machine learning. This helps to execute orders at a better price and spread out orders so that the liquidity on an exchange increases. Additionally, investing in an index increases the average yearly trading volume and is usually safer as the investor places their chips on many positions at the same time.

DemaTrading.ai offers a fully hands-off plug-and-play infrastructure solution for exchanges, brokers, payment solutions/apps, and (digital) asset managers. After a successful pre-seed from a private round of investors and angels, DemaTrading.ai is currently raising its next funding round.

DemaTrading.ai was founded in 2021 with the mission to make crypto accessible for anyone, regardless of their background. The company is building automated crypto portfolios that make it possible for everyone to make smarter investments with no effort. Big exchanges like Binance and Bitpanda are rolling out similar solutions, demonstrating the potential of index funds and automated portfolios. If you are looking for index funds on your favorite exchange, contact DemaTrading.ai for more information.


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