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Kaizen Finance Brings Staking To Promote DeFi

by Lisa Zheng
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Kaizen Finance, a decentralized finance platform, has announced that it is rolling out staking on its platform to promote wider adoption of Decentralized Finance.

Kaizen Staking offers asset security and a better experience making DeFi accessible to a wider number of users.

Staking Launched on Kaizen Protocol

As per the official press release, Kaizen Finance aims to increase the adoption and exposure of decentralized Finance at a larger level. The platform currently offers around 80 percent APY for USDT, USDC, Dai, and BUSD stablecoin with a lockup period of 6 months on its platform. The platform provides free staking without any fee or transaction charges.

Kaizen Finance Launches Staking to Foster the Widespread Adoption of DeFi#blockchain #dlike #cryptocurrencyhttps://t.co/78P40XElnA

— TRON AGE (@tron_age) January 22, 2021

 Kaizen staking is based on Kaizen (DeFi interoperable) protocol, which ensures seamless and highly efficient access to DeFi. State of the art Kaizen protocol facilitates better services to the users and provides a solution to the underlying problems of impermanent loss, transaction fees, and hidden costs. The high costs of transactions and additional fees often discourage users from adopting DeFi. The decentralized finance protocol combines with the highly intuitive and user-friendly interface of the Kaizen Finance platform to deliver utility to the customers. The users can access the DeFi services with ease and avail the highest returns for holding stablecoin. The system uses highly accurate oracle systems based on the various external market feeds, which ensure that the users have the best trading experience.

Staking on Kaizen is highly secure as the system operates on stablecoin whose value is pegged on the US dollar, safeguarding one from the volatility risks. Kaizen Finance also has a Swapping service, which allows the users to swap USDT and ETH tokens against the leading products and services.

The automated liquidity protocol, Kaizen offers highly efficient services to the users tapping the immense potential of the decentralized finance space. Through low commissions and highly resourceful tools, Kaizen ensures that a larger userbase adopts decentralized Finance. It used oracle governed pools for precise price points. The system ensures high security to the users within the DeFi space, thus staking rewards are generated automatically, eradicating the scope of anyone interfering or manipulating them, 


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